Nina Medved



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Biografija autora:

Nina Medved (1989) is a poet, cultural producer, photographer and translator, and employed as a youth worker. She has appeared with her poems so far in printed and online editions in Slovenia, France and Canada. In 2014, she was a guest of the House of Poetry based in Paris together with Tone Škrjanec and Mateja Bizjak Petit.

In the year of 2016, she performed on slam poetry nights on the topic of Alpine culture in Grassau and Berlin, and in the same year became the first Slovenian champion in slam poetry as well as represented Slovenia at the European Championship in Belgium. She is the leader of the poetry group Slam zverine, a co-organizer of regular slam shows Ožuljeni jezik held in Maribor and is active in the informal Slovenian network for the development and promotion of slam poetry SiSlam.

She prepared and led literary evenings, poetry workshops, installations and participated in various festivals. As a co-translator she participated in the translation of French writers and poets: Andreï Makine, Jean Teulé, Guy Goffette. As a photographer she took care of portraits of several literary authors, in 2013 she set up her first solo photo exhibition and co-authored the interactive exhibition Jeu / Game, which was hosted in various European countries.

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